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Happy Day at Jacksonville Public Library

Ant DivaMo shares the message of being happy and organized with children and parents at the Jacksonville Public Library

Ant DivaMo’s Happy Day At The Avenues

Ant DivaMo® shares Happy Day at the Avenues. Check out the photos:

Happy Day Book Celebrates Literacy

Literacy starts early. Call us to get your Happy Day Book and let us help you promote literacy for the children in your life.    


Ant DivaMo is an “Ant and Auntie” because ants are busy, but busy with a purpose! The Aunties in our life are full of love and direction, which is a natural blend for Ant DivaMo. She makes being organized fun and easy.


The characters and lessons provide support tools for parents and teachers. Task completion is demonstrated with start to finish mini-methods for improved organizational, life and social skills.

ANTDivaMo Front Page Characters



“Happy Day” was started because it speaks to preparing for your day. I believe, no matter how much you have or don’t have, you can be organized and learn order. Starting out with the right attitude can be the difference between a good or bad day. Ant DivaMo says, “Get up and get out the house happy!”

AntDivaMo Happy Day Book Transparent

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Ant DivaMo Product MontageProducts that help your child Learn Order and Live Organized.

We Bring Happy To You!

  • Storytime with Ant DivaMo
  • Happy Day Rallies
  • Customized Events 

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Ant DivaMo sets the expectation for Positive Choices, Productive Habits and Improved Life Skills.

Ant DivaMo® reminds adults and children,
“Order is divine” and is the foundation of all creation…