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Happy Day at Jacksonville Public Library

Ant DivaMo shares the message of being happy and organized with children and parents at the Jacksonville Public Library

Ant DivaMo’s Happy Day At The Avenues

Ant DivaMo® shares Happy Day at the Avenues. Check out the photos:

Happy Day Book Celebrates Literacy

Literacy starts early. Call us to get your Happy Day Book and let us help you promote literacy for the children in your life.    

Why ANT Divamo?

  • Explore Products and Services that are necessary for greater success in one’s academic and personal development.
  • Gain life skills essential for improved productivity throughout the growth process.
  • Enjoy the benefits of being prepared, organized and happy for your next task at home or in school.

“Ant DivaMo is the most impressive and dynamic early learning educational tool I have ever seen. Your creative products and services should be in every school. Thank you for sharing this special gift with us.”

Linda Hubbard

Jacksonville, Florida



Learn Order and Live Organized!


On January 8, 2002, the No Child Left Behind Act was signed into law and Americans united behind the revolutionary idea that every child can learn. On May 7, 2013, the first Ant DivaMo (ADM) Book was published. Happy Day is a wonderful reminder about the importance of order. It prepares children with lifelong skills. The idea that any child can learn to be organized early is an epic vision. The mission to reach them is real and in living color with Ant DivaMo.




Ant DivaMo teaches order early, making organizational skills fun and easy for all kids. Organized kids are Happy kids!


Ant DivaMo strives to build strong character, promote personal happiness, and enhance self-confidence through basic organizational life skills. We make organizing fun and easy. Create.  Know.  See.  Speak.  Move.  Learn and Be.


The science behind Ant DivaMo products is to create a user friendly product that attracts both children and parents alike. As parents engage in teaching order early to their child, both are empowered to build healthy habits and productive routines. This is a win-win for any parent or teacher who dares to share the gift of order. Leave no child behind, teaching order early is the most basic skill you can offer and it will last a lifetime.

Meet The Creator


Regina Edwards, M. Ed.


Ant DivaMo was created by The Master Organizer™ to assist parents in teaching children how to develop their organizing skills at an early age. Ant DivaMo is an Ant that uses bright colors and catchy phrases with an upbeat rhythm to teach the importance of developing routines that create a sense of order. She believes, “It’s all about order”. Good organizational skills promise greater success as a student and in life. Ant DivaMo uses mini-methodsand a mix of rhythmic phrases to teach children how to create good routines that will help them successfully do a task from the beginning to end.