Cool Facts About Ant DivaMo


  • Characterizes an Ant and an Auntie
  • Teaches age-appropriate lessons using bright colors, catchy phrases & Upbeat Rhythm for ages 3 and up.
  • Encourages routines that create a sense of order
  • Instills skills that promise greater student & life success
  • Provides mini-methods with a  mix of rhythmic movements
  • Promotes task completion from the beginning to end
  • Offers support tools for parents and educators

Educational – Enthusiastic – Engaging – Easy

Activities For You

Download the Ant DivaMo Activities Sheet

The Daily Routine Includes

  • Fine Motor Skills activities such as coloring, puzzles, small blocks, pasting, cutting and cooking projects
  • Large Motor Skills activities like playing in the gym and outdoors when weather permits, and a lot of dance and physical movement.
  • Language development through stories, books, music, conversation, dramatic play, games and group activities
  • Ability to find one’s quiet place for nap time
  • Tips for healthy living and nutritious meals