Ant Divamo

is the main character who is changing kids’ lives by teaching them exciting and valuable life lessons on how to get organized for greater success in school and life. Ant DivaMo is passionate, funny and loves to sing and dance.

Toby Jo

is the nephew of Ant DivaMo who performs each lesson and is joined by his sister. Toby Jo is that “ready to learn” kid. He’s always ready for an exciting new way of doing things.


Sally Sue

is the niece of Ant DivaMo and the sister to Toby Jo. As she takes part in the lessons, they become a part of her daily habits. Sally Sue is full of questions and helpful suggestions. Her newly learned skills keep her prepared and ready to have a Happy Day!

Busy Bee Helpers

assist in performing each task and encourage Toby Jo and Sally Sue to be happy and organized.