Happy Day Book


6.5 X 9in 64 page Revised Edition Paperback Book



Parents and children alike will enjoy following the adventure of Ant DivaMo, and the busy bee helpers, as they teach her niece and nephew how to prepare for a Happy Day. Her use of rhythmic phrases and bright colors make learning organizational skills fun and easy for all.

What’s Inside?

• Step by Step instructions on how to complete each task
• Lessons focus on hygiene, dining responsibilities, nightly
• preparations for the next day, and making the bed
• Large text for young readers
• Colorful illustrations to demonstrate each task
• Activities Section to reinforce each lesson
• Parent/Child Agreement with Certificate

Great for short commutes and road trips.

Perfect for young readers and beginning readers too.

Easy backpack item for children who are always on the go!

A must have item for the classroom, office lobby and/or home!